Monday, June 23, 2008

LHC Won't Destroy the World

Good news! It seems that, when the Large Hadron Collider at CERN is turned on, it won't actually destroy the Earth. Of course, physicists were already sure of this, but now a new safety review conducted by CERN's governing council has confirmed the fact.

The main argument for why the high-energy reactions won't destroy the Earth is that they haven't so far. Since the Earth gets bombarded with highly-energetic cosmic rays all the time, they point out, the types of interactions that will happen within the controlled confines of the LHC have already happened 1031 times since the universe began. And none of those reactions destroyed the Earth. So since we're still here, these types of reactions aren't going to destroy the Earth. Pretty good logic from where I'm sitting, but it probably won't stop the conspiracy-theorists and doomsday prophets from continuing to predict the end of the world, and it almost definitely won't stop the lawsuit that is attempting to prevent CERN from activating the LHC.

At last, I can relax and stop worrying about the world ending. Until the next over-hyped doomsday scenario, at least.

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Anonymous said...

I would still make peace with your is only one of the possible "doomsday" outcomes that concerns me though and thats enough to be worried(that one that the world goes molten..ahem strange..) we make it through this one who knows what we will learn...everyone is worried its being thrown into action on 08/08/08 but what happens on 09/09/09...if delays happen and collison occurs on 999 then worried but what can I in a "movie" once dreams and visions often show numbers/letters upside down...LOL...that means 999 instead of 666....??? anyways peace to all and get no sleep 2nite!!