Thursday, January 4, 2007

NASA Upgrades Mars Rover Software

NASA has given the Mars rovers--Spirit and Opportunity--a gift for their third birthday. The space agency is providing the rovers with new, updated software to allow for more autonomous functionality.

In addition to allowing the rovers to complete their tasks more quickly and efficiently, the update allows NASA to test the software for use in future Mars or Moon missions.

If you're not that familiar with the Mars rovers, you should learn more about them. The twin rovers are an example of how NASA sometimes hits a grand slam. Designed for 90-missions, the rovers are about to complete their third year on the red planet, during which time they've provided massive amounts of information, more than anyone ever expected.

NASA isn't perfect. In fact, they strike out pretty frequently, and Congress screws up for them even more frequently. But when they connect, they often hit it out of the park.

Read more about the software updates HERE.

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