Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Hey Buddy, Wanna Be an Ornithology Researcher?

Cornell University's Lab of Ornithology has a program to which amateurs can contribute called Citizen Science. I'm going to be lazy and re-post some information from their webpage describing the program.

What is citizen science?

It is a partnership between the public and professional scientists. People across the continent are gathering data to better understand and conserve birds.

Who can participate?

EVERYONE is invited to participate! No matter your location, age, or experience we have a project for you.

How do I participate?

Each project has easy-to-follow instructions describing how to count the birds and record additional information. Once you have submitted your data to the Lab you have succeeded as a citizen scientist and contributed valuable data to bird conservation and population monitoring efforts.

They also have programs for Winter, Spring/Summer, and Year-Round research. Take a look and contribute to the study of birds!

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