Friday, May 16, 2008

Robotic Exoskeletons

From CNN comes news of a robotic exoskeleton being developed for the military. This isn't the first time I've seen reports about the military's plans for this sort of thing, but it is the first time I've seen an advanced demonstration and up-to-date information.

Technology like this could go a long way toward keeping our soldiers alive in dangerous situations, but it could also do more. Imagine if a group of a hundred or a thousand relief workers equipped with this technology could be deployed following a major disaster, such as the recent earthquake in China. Combing through the rubble in a powered exoskeleton would be much faster, and could save a large number of lives by getting to trapped people sooner.


googleads said...

Or it could be used to project American military power and subjugate nations. Hopefully the Russians will come up with one to balance out whichever super-suits our CIA secretly sells to our friends-of-today, enemies-of-tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it can be used to help my niece walk. I'm sure we can use it for something other than killing each other with. I would like one for myself to hurl cars with. I would never throw them at people. It would just be kind of cool to be able to do that.

Matt Metcalf said...

"Or it could be used to project American military power and subjugate nations"

That's what it's being developed for, obviously. The Department of Defense doesn't fund projects unless they think they will provide military advantage. But in doing so, they've developed some technologies that have proven very beneficial. I'm not arguing that U.S. military aggression is a good thing, because the policies of the past seven years are severely flawed. I'm just saying that some good can occasionally come out of stuff like this.