Friday, March 2, 2007

Debating Science: Practical Reasoning and Nanotechnology

This fall, from September 3, 2007, to December 14, 2007, the University of Montana will be offering a web-based course entitled Debating Science: Practical Reasoning and Nanotechnology. If you want a say in the debate about the utility and safety of nanotechnology, this is your chance.

The course instructors are Christopher Preston, an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at The University of Montana, and Catherine Murphy, the Guy F. Lipscomb Professor of Chemistry at the University of South Carolina.


Kathryn said...

This might be something to post at NanoHive@Home ( It's a BOINC project that is currently in beta test.

Matt Metcalf said...

Thanks, Kathryn... you're right, if someone else hasn't posted it there, I should.

As for NanoHive@Home... running it right now on the computer I'm using to write this. I think there's a link to it on my Links as well.

Kathryn said...

Hey Matt.

Saw you made it over to NHAH. I'm enjoying your blog. Time to add it to my interesting stuff category, me thinks.

Matt Metcalf said...

Thanks for the kind words, Kathryn. Hope you stick around. Feel free to comment on anything that strikes you as interesting.